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Zambian domains update

27 December 2016 03:17:55 +0000

To update our earlier post, ZICTA finally contacted us on the afternoon of the 12th. Again — unbelievably — we had to explain basic networking concepts to them to help them understand why our client’s domain was not working.

However, they also explained or blamed part of the problem on Zamnet for not deleting the domain from their nameservers after they had hosted it previously. Zamnet are entrusted by ZICTA with the stability and security of two of the four nameservers that run the dot-zm ccTLD, and yet they apparently can’t perform basic nameserver maintenance. This is shocking to say the least.

Our client’s domain was finally back online again and stable and functioning properly by the 13th (after we contacted ZICTA on the 10th) … but for how long? It is only a matter of time before either our client’s dot-zm domain or another dot-zm domain goes down, again caused by mismanagement by ZICTA or one of the organisations they contract to provide name service.

Don’t register dot-zm domains. Seriously.

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