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Welcome to Night Sight Zambia clients

17 October 2023 11:05:46 +0000

We welcome those clients who are existing clients of Night Sight Zambia.

As stated in the email from Francois Marx at Night Sight Zambia on 2 October 2023, all future invoices for your hosting services and domain registration renewals will come from the same company that provides them, NinerNet Communications. Our rates for our services are available on our website. We invoice for hosting services quarterly (on the 15th of the month), and we invite you to familiarise yourself with our billing policies and procedures. Please remember that all email from NinerNet comes from addresses on the domain; do not act on any emails that purport to come from NinerNet (or people claiming to be your “hosting provider”, “email provider”, etc.) that do not come from email addresses on the domain. If your email program or service does not show the actual email addresses of the senders of email messages you receive, please configure it to do so. This is vitally important to protect yourself from phishing emails.

Night Sight will continue to provide support services in line with their current agreements with you. Please contact them if and when you need support, including for NinerNet-provided services. Emails from Night Sight come from email addresses on the domain.

Here are some additional sources of information:

  • Our blog, where you can find general company information and security information and warnings. At the beginning of every quarter we review our kwacha rates and revise them up or down (yes, we really do occasionally lower our rates!) depending on the exchange rate between the kwacha and the US dollar. We also confirm any mass emails we send to our clients on our blog so that you can distinguish real and legitimate notices from spam and phishing.
  • Our status page, that reports in advance on planned maintenance and provides information about any unplanned outages.
  • Our live status page, that reports in real time the health of our servers and past uptime.

We look forward to continuing our relationships with you, some of you after many years! If you have any questions about your billing, please reply to any billing-related email from NinerNet, or contact us through our contact page.


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