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How unlimited is “unlimited”?

5 November 2011 13:11:20 +0000

While reviewing the updated terms and conditions of one of our service providers, I noted the following clause:

CHANGE OF SERVICES: If [service provider] finds it impossible to offer services at current pricing we reserve the right to change account offerings at anytime. We will not institute higher fees automatically, however we do reserve the right to limit services that may have been “unlimited” or had higher limits previously. These changes can be caused by increase in network / support costs that the [service provider] services take to operate.

It almost smacks of honesty when they put the word “unlimited” in quotation marks! Just with those quotes, never mind the rest of the text, they’re tacitly admitting that even they don’t take themselves seriously when they sell one or more of their services as “unlimited”. If a company offering “unlimited” something or other doesn’t even believe their own marketing material, why should you?

Good question.

I’ve written before on supposedly unlimited services. Have a look.

NinerNet does not offer unlimited anything. We simply believe that it’s dishonest. You’re not going to give us a blank cheque, and neither are we going to give the equivalent in services. It’s just asking for trouble, and opening up ourselves and all of our other clients for disruption when someone takes advantage of their blank cheque. We won’t do that.


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